Job Sites Seem Useless

Why is it that when someone who is looking for a job goes to a job site like or to search and finds nothing but scam jobs.  For example, The Marketing Group, Inc., or I’m Swamped.  I, like many others who are truly looking for a REAL JOB, run across these types of ads daily.  I mean come on Career Builder, Jobing just to name the obvious ones, pay your screener more $$$$$$$.  This stuff just makes it harder for people to use and trust your sites.

Let’s face it the economy is in the tank and it maybe a while before there are some real legitimate career related jobs to come about, but seriously there has to be better place to look for or apply for jobs.

I know many of you will probably say just go directly to the company site(s) and apply directly.  Well, I have and I know that I am not the only one, but what are the chances that someone other than an auto generated response ever gets sent back to you.

Seriously, what has the world come to.  My question is…Is there any decent sites out there that people like myself can use to look for and apply for jobs without the idiots who falsely advertise the BS job?

Just thought I would vent…it is Monday after all.  I am sure I will be much more positive in my next post.


~ by pens66 on 05/12/2009.

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